Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spiderman 3

Not much I can say about this movie, since maybe there are a lot of reviews about it already around the net, but this one is from my point of view.

From most of the comments that I heard, this movie sucks. hey, that's what people tell me. well maybe not straightly saying those words, but still the disappointment and negative response from my simple question "how's the movie?" like "yeah, it was OK", "it's not really worth it", "I've seen better", "Superman is better", and so on made me thought "is this for real?" I mean, come on, the first two movies are a blast. they sold box office world wide and now the third one just went down like that?

That's when I thought to myself, I really should see this movie and prove it myself. and since I've seen the first two, this one is surely a must-see. so off I go watching this movie with my hunny. I went straight to Megamal when I'm done working and after dinner, we watch it together, and this is my review.

For me, this movie is not so bad at all. well maybe the enemies are too many this time, since spidey usually only deals with one enemy at a time, so the battle portion for each enemy is not long enough. the story is also kinda standard. but the appearance of venom is nice, sandman is also cool, and the new goblin looks way much better than green goblin. black spiderman also looks nice and the way Toby dances around, well let's not talk about that part. the fighting somewhat got cooler and more intense, but with the short duration, I think people will be hard to please. the last battle is nice although some of the scene aren't really that necessary to show.

Overall, the movie is somewhat OK for me, since I don't really felt disappointed after the show. I think I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. next coming is Shrek 3rd and Pirates of the Caribbean. we'll see if they'll get the same response from the audience or not.

For now, let's get back to work, shall we? ^^

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