Thursday, May 03, 2007


Been a while..

Well, since I thought shaders can be done while I'm doing the whole project, I'm leaving it as it is for now and jumped into the whole coding again. finally I'm seeing some coding and not just fiddling here and there but really do the coding.

But then something came popping out from no where.. cameras..

Yep, cameras. it sure is a wonder how a single camera coding can make me frustrated and confused for, let's see, 3 days with today. well, finally me and Cin agreed on something so we can move on to the next stuff..

And I'm stumbled again.. with cursors..

Now the confusion grows and I better get back to that before it consumes me.. *urgh* 3D coding sure is deadly, especially when you are the only coder.. the pain, the agony.. *glekh*

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