Thursday, May 10, 2007

Another Milestone Passed

Added one year in my life, which means now I'm 20. hmm, gotta think more about life and less about playing eh?

Just kidding, it's my 26th birthday. yay for me. well I don't really need much this year, as I already got what I need. a girlfriend who is so loving, caring, understanding and loving, and also caring, and did I mention understanding? haha, started to get weird as usual.

Anyway, just spent my birthday happily, since she came to office and accompany me until after lunch, where she went back home. too bad it can't be the whole day, but it'll do. ^^

So, since I need to get going to SWI in a couple of minutes, I'll just say "Happy Birthday" to myself, and be happy about it. oh wait, I forgot. I already did ^^ *mwah* yours forever hun.

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