Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Been doing some pathfinding for the last few days and now the thing finally ran smoothly, well maybe for the time being that is. the absence of writing these few days actually gave me a lot to write, but alas there is not enough time to write them all, and I'm also not really in the mood to write much.

Let's see, for the last long weekend, I went to Ekayana with hunny last Sunday, then went to Senayan City with my cousins that are coming to Jakarta. then there's the time when I went to Ekayana to celeberate Waisak. I also spent a day with my hunny at TA the whole day, and I also went to basket and lose some sweat, maybe some weight too hopefully.

Last Monday my bro just got back from Hong Kong and he sure had some stories. also tonight my sis will be back from Medan. her plane got delayed because of some technical problem from the AirAsia. luckily they informed me earlier so I can then inform my sis. oh and my mom is now currently in Bandung with my cousins.

Well, being not staying at the office for the last few days, I've been thinking about staying there now. hopefully by tomorrow I can stay there and do some of my works. and of course I missed you hun. it's just been a few days but I missed you already. luckily with the new pic-in-wallet, I can ease the feeling quite a bit. *mwah*

So with that said, I'm off for my work once again. it's pathfinding once again so adios for now. later y'all.

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