Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Second Birthday?

Yeah, when I just got home last night, my mom asked me whether I'm going home tonight or not, and I said "Maybe not, why?" and she said nothing but instead she showed me something in the cooking pot at kitchen, and I gasped..

My mom's gonna cook spaghetti tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OK, maybe I'm not supposed to sound so hysterical like this. I just wanted to do it once in a while though ^^)

That's definitely a going-home-straight-after-work. been almost a year since my mom last cooked spaghetti. surely that's not what I'm planning to miss. not to mention today is my Chinese birthday. not sure how to know exactly when I'm gonna celebrate it next year since as you guys know, Chinese calendar isn't the same as the Gregorian one.

Well for start, my mom cooked me some rice and egg noodles (it's misoa btw, if any of you are not familiar with it) with some gingers, pork chops, and a couple of eggs. nice breakfast and it set me to the mood. after that it's going to office and work as usual.

Can't wait for tonight's delicacy though, so I guess I'll hold on to my drools a little bit longer before it flooded around my computer. later then. got a new computer to take care of. and for my hunny, you know what I'll say ^^ *mwah*

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