Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clearance and Confusion

Just fiddled with the cameras and cursors yesterday and I almost finished it, if not for the strange coordinates and depth or what-so-ever things from the 3D model's meshes. oh, I'm sorry, did I sound too technical? well actually I'm not really good at talking technically but I think it's still to technical for common people.

Anyway, I just got a new computer today and I spent a day moving data and installing applications so I can get back to coding as soon as possible, but suddenly I ran into some problems as my previous application won't run under the new computer, probably because of the on-board graphics adapter.

Other than that, I'm pretty happy about getting a new computer. the older one sometimes ran slowly and it can be quite troublesome. well, since it's five, I better get ready to go home so I won't arrive late and worry my hunny. *mwah*

Later then.

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