Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Yeah, tomorrow is a holiday, the Ascent of Jesus Christ, if I'm not mistaken. anyway I don't really care what holiday it is nowadays since all I need is the holiday itself ^^ having said that, I'm off for home tonight then, since besides it's holiday tomorrow, my wallet is thinning *grin* I kept forgetting to draw some cash from ATM.

As for tomorrow, I'm planning to spend time with my one and only hunny. just thought of some place where we can be alone, only the two of us, enjoying our moments, and have some fun. maybe at home? hahaha. we'll see tomorrow then.

And I also need to treat the guys for my birthday. maybe this Friday or Saturday will do. still need to think about where and when. well, the coding progress is kinda smooth these days so I'll continue on to it and leave you all for the time being. see you all later then.