Friday, March 30, 2007


Weekend, a word that consists of 2 words, Week and End. basically means that it's the end of the week. but how come there are no Weekstart, or Weekbegin? hmm, maybe people don't like to begin something, but instead they rather end things.

Anywayyyyyy, surely it's already nearing weekend. which means it's approaching the time to meet my hunny. sometimes I wish I can meet her more than just like this. but what can I say. it's not like I can just meet her anytime I want.

Well, hopefully this Sunday the gathering will be a successful one. and then there's this gathering at Kelapa Gading tomorrow for one of our elder member which hasn't been online for a long time already. but I don't know yet wether I should go or not, since I'm not really that well yet. maybe well enough to go to basket, but I dunno if I could go all the way to Kelapa Gading and stay there for about an hour or two and then go home again. for that, we'll see then.

One and a half hour to go, and my training will start. guess I'll go lunch sooner so I can prepare myself. got no belt so maybe I won't tuck my shirt into my pants. but luckily I got a tie. Cin lent it to me just now. cool. guess this would be one experience I would never, or at least try not to, forget ^_^

Hmm, wontoon noodles sounds delicious now, don't you think? gosh I'm starving >_<

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