Monday, March 26, 2007

Still Not Getting Any Better

Sore throat is gone, the cold is lessen, but now I cough a lot. hopefully I'll be okay before this weekend, since there are some events I sure don't wanna miss.

First, this Friday I'm attending a training at Head Office for the subject "Ettique and Table Manner". since it's for limited seat only, it'll be a waste if I can't attend it.

Secondly, there's this gathering by IC Forum for the elders where we're supposed to give the donations that we're receiving right now. we'll also give hugs to them to show our care and affections. hope it'll at least bring a smile to their faces.

If any of you readers are willing to donate for our good cause, you can leave a comment here. I'll try to contact you as soon as possible. and please note that even though the event will be held at April 1st it doesn't mean that we're doing April fool. this event is for real and we really mean it.

That's all for now. back to work I go.

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