Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lost In Thoughts

Lately I'm not really in mood for writing anything. I dunno what happened, maybe it's the weather, or it could be the internet connection. either way, I'm pretty lazy just to do almost anything. luckily I still got spirits for works. deadline is still way ahead, but judging from our development speed, I think we're gonna need to burn more midnight oil if we're aiming for the top place.

So far, life is still just about the same. working from Mon to Fri, and having fun at Sat and Sun. I still accompany her to church sometimes and vice versa, she accompanied me to Ekayana. sometimes we spend our time at the mall and sometimes it's at the office, watching movie and spending some time together.

So the question still remains.

"How to make these robots animate?"

Hm, how I long for a Starbuck's ice cold Caramelle Frappucino. I think I need to get it someday. I think I need to dye my hair too. red is a nice choice of color but since i did it before with red, do you think yellow will look good on me? I prefer blue though.

Hm, decisions decisions decisions. can't life without one, can you?

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