Tuesday, March 06, 2007


We lost the warm-up competition. well, I think we deserved it. after all, all we did was just changing the 3D model, add a few extra stuff and changed the main menu. and the rest is just about the same.

Compared to the winners, our game was really like a child's work. well, still we did our best and I think the experience worth it. at least now I know that I need to spare at least a full day just to make sure the upload goes well and out there are peoples that got talents. we can't expect to win all the time, else it'll make us arrogant and lose control to ourselves.

So I guess now I just got to move on and concentrate more on the real deal now. yeap, the real competition has already started and the due date is July 2nd. looking at the 1st prizes makes me drools but I need to focus and try not to think about it for the moment. what's more important is that I learn how to deal with 3D stuffs first as it's going to be 3D battle out there.

Well, that'll be all for now. I'm moving on to the tutorials. be seeing you then. ciao.

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