Friday, March 23, 2007

Crappy Sore Throat

Woke up with a sore throat. crap. maybe it's the omellete I made last night. maybe it's the nu green tea i drank last night. maybe it's the lack of drink or sleep. either way it's sickening.

Well lately I didn't play much game. the latest would be, let's see, Rogue Galaxy for PS2. quite a nice game, considering I love RPGs. then there's this Digimon World 4. quite an oldie but kinda cute to play. just starting to play though since I'm actually not really in to it.

Oh did I mention I woke up late today? guess it's a sign. I think I'm getting sick. time to take those pills ^^

Anyway, gotta go have lunch. since I got this sore throat, I really wanted to eat meatballs. I craved for meatballs since two or three days ago actually, so now is the time then. so adios for now.

Oh and also, Itadakimasu ^^

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