Sunday, May 01, 2005

Another Indocina Gathering

Yesterday i went to Artha Gading with Aggy (Tomat) n Rossa (Timun). for those that don't know what tomat and timun means, well.. it's just a nick so don't think about it too much. there we met around ten to twelve people. yep.. it's another series of Indocina Gathering. there are almost twenty people there. i really can't remember all but the gathering was fun. we ate at the food court and after a lot of picture taken, we went to NAV 3 for some karaoke. finished at around 6.30 PM with almost half already gone home. finally the last 8, me, irwan, cath, sukian, happy, adit, felix and another irwan went to watch xXx² : the Next Level at the newest theatre on Gading.. Gading XXI..

xXx² : the Next Level in my opinion completely lost to the first xXx. lack of action, got a bit of Fast and Furious, a bit of S.W.A.T., a very small portion of romance and too much talking. but overall it's not a very bad movie to watch, but maybe watching it in DVD or VCD will suffice.

After watching xXx², we escorted Cath home, Adit and Happy went home and we as the last five went to Mangga Besar district to had our late dinner. i ate Lo Mie, but the taste was just around average. i still think Tua Tao's Lo Mie is the best in Jakarta. after that i went home and had a good night sleep.

Woke up at ten, took a bath and went to office after i ate my lunch. Cin and Ricky are going to Mangga Dua so now it's only me and Henry at the office. gonna try to solve that Omniflash problems, but first.. Indocina awaits.. XD~~

Oh and by the way, today is the birthday of Ruth, so happy birthday Ruth. :)

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