Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Happy Birthday!! ^_^

*Yay* Well whaddaya know.. i lived to meet my 19th birthday.. err, okay i confess.. it's my 24th.. nothing much happening today.. first of all, it started even before the clock strikes 00:00.. got a sms from Ruth wishing me a happy b-day n bla bla.. you know the stuffs.. then at 00:00 i wished myself and thought about how should i undergo this another year as a human in this wicked world full of ordeal and challanges.. Nah, i didn't do that.. right after i wished myself, i turned off my cellphone and went to bed. woke up at around 4~5 and i turned on my cellphone and got birthday sms from Cin and Mii.. went back to sleep and woke up at 6.30.

At office, the first person to greet me was Pak Daniel, followed by Sandy, Devisa and the others follows.. sat down and start my daily work, Omniflash.. sometimes people will come to my desk and greet me happy b-day. i didn't bought anything for the office fellows and i felt kinda bad about it.. but i think they'll let go.. XP gotta go out and have dinner. dunno where and with who yet..

Well anyway, thanks for everybody that remembers my b-day, especially Ci Ipii.. i haven't got the time to take a shot at her presents. hope all of you be blessed by God Almighty.. that concludes my entry today. see y'all tomorrow..

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