Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Small Thing Called Widget

Yep, see that small thingy under the Shout Box section? Yeah, that's what we call widget. And it's not just any ordinary widget. It's a widget from Disitu *grin* With this little thingy, now I can read news from Disitu without having to go to the site. Pretty neat huh? *grin again*

So anyway, for those that are accustomed to customizing your own blog or site, mayhaps (maybe/perhaps) you are interested in trying this widget out? It's really easy. Just go to Disitu and read the instructions there, and voila.. a new widget around at your blog or site.

Well, not much from me, as I'm busy with another project in hand, while supervising Sony, the new guy in MAX which handles the Holcim stuff for now, and helping with the joomla and Disitu stuff once in a while. Not feeling pretty well today but don't know why. Maybe just lack of food, that's all *grin*

And for my hunny, hope I'll see you around soon. Miss you. Don't work too hard now, and don't play too much either. *mwah*

Gotta go for now. Lot's of work to be finished you know. *sigh* So little time yet so much to do, I rather spent my time with you (quoted from Arkana - So Little Time). Adios, amigos.

L.N. : Luv ya as usual ^_^ *mwah*

P.S. : Yo.. *lazy mode on*

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