Monday, November 19, 2007

Stuffs Lately

Let's see, quite a lot happened lately. For one, I went to JHCC to attend the IndoComtech 2007 at last Saturday. We spent a few hours there, watching the overclocking competition, ate some Sate Padang, and body charging with some crowd just to get some comic books. But overall, it's a nice day. Too bad, it made us got sore feet.

Sunday equals religious day for both of us, so it's either JPCC or Ekayana, and last Sunday it's the latter. Went there and prayed for a while and then we went to TA to get my new jacket washed by Laundrette. After that, we had a brief lunch at McD and then we browsed through the new Timezone, which is for kids i guess, judging from the games available and the decorations. Well, shortly after that we went home.

And today, well today is not really a good day, since I felt kinda sick and spent most of the day lying in bed. Well, hopefully by tomorrow I'll get better. Still lots of work to do. And for now, it's resting time, so adios y'all.

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