Friday, November 23, 2007

What A Relief...

Is what I would like to say but right now not all things are great. Let's see, I still got to catch up with a lot of stuffs that I haven't finished yet for Tanjung's project. And then there's this Disitu site that went offline because I got a query for MySQL that apparently took up too much resource and causing the server to overload, so they blocked our database account. That's really bad though since there's nothing we can do about it even though I already found out the source of the problem and fixed it. So for all Disitu lovers out there, on behalf of all Disitu team, I would like to say we're so sorry for the inconvenience caused.

But surely after I rambled about all that, you wouldn't think that I'm really that desperate right? Of course not, there are also happy news. Such as my mom's back again here in Jakarta. Home-made food is just the best-est you know *wink wink* I also found out this one site where you can download PSX (or should I say PS One?) iso for free. Which means oldies games which I've looking for everywhere are mostly there. Ain't that just cool or what?

But of course what made me happy the most from all those is that I'm finally being approved as my hunny's boyfriend. You know, since we were kinda going backstreet for the last couple months from the beginning, it feels really good to be recognized and not having to sneak around, looking around and hope that no one sees us. So to celebrate this, here's a picture of both of us which is taken a while back ago. Now if only I can find that pic...

Ah, here it is...

Sorry it's kinda blurred, since I'm not the one taking it, plus there's not enough lighting and it's taken using my phone's camera, so there. I did try to make it better in Photoshop but seeing I'm not the expert in that, this is the best I can get, so there (again).

Well, guess that's for now. I'm thinking of coming to office tomorrow since I still got some work left and while I did plan to finish some of it today, I got distracted because of Disitu site so guess I'll be seeing it tomorrow then. For now, I'll just relax a bit while waiting for my hunny to go home so we can chat on the way home. Adios for now.

L.N. : Finally we're free hun *mwah* love you and miss you *hugs*

P.S. : I just noticed that my previous entry didn't have any L.N. or P.S. Sorry about that. :)

P.S. 2 : Did anybody noticed that my blog archive is different than before? Too bad the layout of my blog kinda changed as well. Oh well, it's kinda worth it I guess. :)

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