Monday, October 22, 2007

Start of the Week

Yeah, surprised seeing me writing this soon? Well, I am myself, but I was thinking, why not write when there's something to write about? Just don't expect me to write much, since I just wrote last two days. So here goes.

Yesterday my hunny went to my place where we played Zelda together, well actually it's me who played while she watched me playing it. But still that's an activity we did together right? Then she had to leave early because she wanted to accompany her friend which has just been dumped by her boyfriend without no reason. Well, there are some reasons but they just don't make any sense IMO. Later on, I played some games and later that night I chatted with my hunny and then slept early. I had some sad thoughts before I was able to sleep though, which made me..

Woke up late next morning. That's what happened. Arrived at office at about 8.20 or something and started to work immediately. Wrote a news at Disitu (you guys know the link of course ^^) and then touched here and there at joomla again. Nothing much except I had noodles for brunch and snacked a burger at around 3 and then I worked again until now. Well, not for long since I'm going to see her tonight. She bought me a couple of those safe drinking bottles so I won't have to use those used mineral water bottles anymore. She's just so sweet you know? *mwah* Thanks hun.

So guess that's it for today. I'll wrap things up a bit before I went to see her. I'll see you all by tomorrow then, hopefully. Bye for now.

L.N. : Can't wait to see you soon. *mwah*

P.S. : Can't wait to leave you all. *grin* Just kidding there.

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