Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Comeback

Been a while since that day. I know I said I'm going to abandon my blog for unknown period but apparently I just can't do it. Although the pain from reading previous entry still pains me, but you taught me that I need to move on. I need to forget the past and live in the present so I can reach the future. So here I am, writing down entries that I don't even know who read it. But if you read it then that's enough reason for me to write again.

Let's see, for start, I'm back with her again. Turned out that we still love and care for each other and it's just too painful for us to be apart. Being with her is all I care about now. Hopefully I can be with her forever from now on. Love you very much hun. *mwah*

Next, there is the site Disitu. Quite a lot to discover and fix there. Confusing and Complicated yet quite challenging. Even though I never thought about being a PHP developer, I guess it won't hurt to get some more knowledge, right?

Of course my life won't be complete without my family as well. My mom is currently at Penang right now, having fun with her friends. Hopefully she's happy and safe there. As for my bro, he just got back from Bandung yesterday. He got the long holiday while I don't. Well, different company though so no complains there. My sis? Just finished Zelda Phantom Hourglass recently and now she's focusing in WildArms 5 right now.

Speaking about games, I myself just bought a couple games yesterday when going to Megamall with my hunny. I bought Soul Nomad and the World Eater, Naruto something (I forgot the full title), Digimon World Data Squad, and Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3. But as you know I don't have enough time to play them. So I just have to wait for a longer holiday to play them.

Well I gotta get going now. My battery just run out and I need to recharge it soon so bye for now. See you soon.

L.N. : Love you hun wherever you are. *mwah*

P.S. :Good to see you all.

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