Monday, November 24, 2008

Windows Live Writer

Blogging made easy. Maybe that's the best tagline I can think about this service from the MS Live. Just install it to your PC and voila, you can write blogs anytime you want (as long you got electricity of course) and then publish it whenever you want to.

It's mainly used with Windows Live Spaces and Sharepoint weblogs, but you can of course add other blogs as well like the one I'm using here in Blogger. I don't know about other blogs though but maybe Wordpress should be functional as well.

As for now, I'm still in the middle of confusion at doing the freelance stuff. The database that Magento uses is a complex EAV modeled database and I'm not really used to that kind of database. Hopefully it'll be finished in no time so I can move on to the next job.

Well, not much to say to this point, so adios for now. Blogging will be easier for me so hopefully I'll write a lot more entries using Live Writer. Ciao.

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