Thursday, November 27, 2008


I've always wanted to have my own Nintendo DS handheld but since my financial state doesn't permit me to have one yet, I can only play DS games when my sister comes by at home or when my hunny bring hers when we meet each other.

And then things started to change.

A little while ago my hunny was in desperate need for some DS cheat, namely the MySims Kingdom game. Since she used some of the cheat available by the new R4's kernel, her ingame shop went haywire and she cannot buy any new furniture. Thus she needed the almighty "All Furnitures Unlocked" cheat.

But that's another story for another day. Today the story is about the Nintendo DS Emulator for PC. That's right. Now you can play DS games on your own PC (considering your PC meets the requirement needed to run some of the games) using the No$GBA emulator.

Read as No Cash GBA, this emulator is of course cash free and since you can also found DS ROMs all around the internet easily, that means free DS games without buying the DS itself. Whoopee.

Of course there are some games that are not really that compatible to this emulator yet, but then again, I don't think there are really a perfect emulator out there for DS yet and this one is almost close to perfect already so I think this will do for now.

So what's next? Downloading the ROMs of course har har har. Let's see, a couple of Final Fantasy ROMs, Castlevania ROMs, maybe some Mario ROMs, Pokemons, Chocobos, and many more. Let's just hope I won't be charged for piracy here.

So, for all of you looking for the emulator and some newest DS ROMs around, the best and fastest way will be of course going to Frozen ROMs. Best of luck and have fun in playing DS games. Ciao.

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