Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Year, New Spirit

Hey there y'all. New year has arrived and the spirits are high. Just couldn't wait to start a whole new year from the start. And it all started pretty well. First of all, me and my hunny didn't get to see each other at the new year's eve, let alone doing the countdown together like last year. Instead, we just chatted and did the countdown by phone. But later at the 1st of January, we get to spend some time together, at the massaging center. Weird? Kind of. Made me happy? You betcha! *grin* We also went to Megamal after that and bought some animes and games, which made me even happier.

Then it's the 2nd of January, where I'm supposed to get to work. Unfortunately, my whole body just ached because of the massaging. Not to mention rain in the morning, which made me stayed in bed until about 10. Then I went to work, and finish up some work. Still the same old same old, but without Sony, as he resigned at the end of last year, saying he's either going abroad to study some more, or work somewhere where his uncle recommended him to. I think it's Indosat M2.

As for today, not much happened. Not until 2 hours ago that is, when I read a comment at my shout box. This Novi chick said she got eye sore from reading my hunny's comments. Well well well, quite a comment eh? Well I just wanna say, if you're not happy about it, then beat it. I also found out that this Novi chick got the same IP address as sisca. Hmm, two person with a same IP address both reading my blog? Quite a coincidence if you ask me.

So enough for that. This month sure is a good month to get married I think, judging by the amount of people getting married this January. Let's see, there's Johnsons, my cousin, my friend, my own sis (at this 12th of January), and my hunny's sister's husband's brother (or should I say her brother-in-law?) to the total of 5 persons. That's quite a lot for me. I dunno about you though.

Well, the time is ticking and the body needs resting, so I'll leave you all for now. Got quite a job tomorrow and I can really use those rests. And by the way, just to remind you, tomorrow my blog will be 3 years old. 3 years and I'm still writing entries here. Not bad eh? Oh well, adios for now.

L.N. : Luv ya hun, wherever you are and whatever you do. *mwah*

P.S. : Hope y'all got a blast this year.

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