Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Much Has Happened

Yeah, so much has happened in the past few days. For the start, my sis got married last Saturday. It's a whole lot of busy day since the morning starting from me waking up early and going to my uncle's place to pick up my grandma. After that I went back home and pick up my mom and we went to Grand Tropic Hotel (formerly known as Mercure Hotel) near Ciputra Mall afterwards.

Upon arriving there, we headed straight to room 609 where my sis was preparing for his boyfriend to pick him up. It's a whole lot of pain to explain the process of the marriage in English so I'll just skip it. Anyway, after the process is done at the hotel, we went to this Maria Kusuma Karmel Church where they held the Holy Matrimony. We got lost a couple time because of the unfamiliar and winding road around there but eventually we arrived. After that the Holy Matrimony begins.

As you all know, I don't really remember the whole ceremony so again I'll just skip it. One thing worth to note is that Cin, Wiwin, Charles and Adit was there too and it sure meant a lot to me. They stayed there until the whole ceremony is finished, took a few pictures and then headed back home. As for us, we headed back to the hotel to start the tea pay ceremony.

And again, I'll skip the tea pay ceremony. Maybe I'll try to upload some image to show how those process are done. Anyway, after the process, I escorted my grandma back to my uncle's home and picked up my cousin and her daughter on the way home just so I can escort them to the hair and make up artist near my home. Finally after I reached home, I can relax for a bit, although not for long.

Later that night, I went to Wisma Slipi with my mom and bro and there me and my bro helped around with the wedding ceremony. A lot of people came that night such as my hunny of course, lots of relatives, some of my mom's old friends, some of my dad's friends, some of my bro's friends and of course some of my friends. Some couldn't make it since they said that it's a good day to have a marriage so there are other people getting married too that day and maybe they went there too. The ceremony went well and hopefully everyone is happy.

Okay, quite a long entry for just one uncomplete story. Anyway, last night I gave my hunny a small surprise by showing at her front door bringing her a D.Gray-man key chain. She liked it when she saw it at Hobby Japan at Ciputra mall last Sunday so I bought it for her. Luckily she liked it and above all, she's really surprised to see me there. We hugged and kissed for a while and then I had to go home but it felt good to be able to give her a surprise like that.

Well for the work, I finished a lot for the project with Tanjung and also added a couple of new features at Disitu. Since my relatives are already back at Medan now, I can stay at office safely starting today. The home has became even quieter but since my sis is living not too far away from our home, I guess that won't be too much of a problem.

That's it for today I think. Write too much already so guess I'll hit the pillow for now and start fresh tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to upload some pictures soon to complete this entry. Adios and see y'all soon.

L.N. : Glad you love the surprise hun *mwah*

P.S. : More pics to come so stay tune *wink*

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