Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Microsoft In JHCC

This morning I went to JHCC with Ricky and Kukuh to attend an event by Microsoft. they are launching Windows Vista, and along with that are other seminars. each of us attended one different seminar as there are a lot and the rule is that a person cannot exchange seminars in between the time the seminar is held. I entered for the Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and later on Ricky tagged along since he said the MCF (I rather forgot, is it Microsoft Compact Framework or Microsoft Communication Framework) is rather boring.

After three speakers, namely Risman Adnan, Agung someone (sorry I forgot >_< ) and Zeddy Iskandar, had their share of time and presentation, we finally went back to office. on the way back, we stopped near Permata Hijau for lunch. me and Ricky had Baso Pak Kumis, while Kukuh ordered some satay from a stand nearby. after some munching and talking, we finally left. some useless info btw, I bought the newest Zigma.

Arriving at office, I started to fiddle more on XNA and HLSL. still lots of pain and confusion hanging around. oh, I'm not teaching tonight since the students said so. guess that means more time to fiddle? or for rest? only God knows. -____-

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