Thursday, April 05, 2007

How Quick Time Flies

Been a couple of days without any entry. I'm beginning to get lazy again. hmm.. anyways, this past few days was quite confusing and mind-taking for me, since I'm still searching for good tutorials to learn about effects (fx) files for our game. well all I need is lighting and shadows for the moments, but still nothing found on the web. quite frustrating though.

On the other hand, I happened to try a few MMORPGs lately. they are free and quite fun to play, but at the cost of me being addicted? hopefully not. well, the first one is RF Online, which I played on a private server and guess what? the morning I started playing it and at the very same day, it was shut down. apparently Lyto being the true legal owner of RF Online wasn't very happy about the fact that there are people already playing the game, and worst, freely.

Next, there are Heroes and Scions of Fate. both are games which I played using international servers, since they are not available in Indonesia, and I guess they're never will. Heroes is a game which focused on Chinese traditions. nice graphics, movements and such. too bad I can't create my own character.

While Heroes can't create your own character, Scions of Fate can. in Scions, it's quite a fantasy world, eventhough more or less it still takes the looks of Asian cultures. the characters are in SD mode so it's more like a cute game. but the leveling is so hard, you'll practically need a party to do leveling starting from level 15 i guess.

Well, I'm not really an addict to MMORPGs anymore, although sometimes it itches me to go and try some games. but ever since I quitted RO, MMORPGs are more or less the same to me, be it Tantra, Seal Online, RYL, WOW, FF XI or the three I just mentioned above, or even the others that I may have not known yet.

Well, to me it's all just about leveling, choosing a job, collecting stash to make money so you can buy stronger weapon and armor so you can go to places with stronger monster to level up evenmore, sell stashes that are more expensive, and so on and so on. maybe sometimes forming a party so you don't die quickly, doing quests to get unique weapon or armor so you can show it off to some n00bs, being pestered by amazed n00bs afterwards. oh and most of the games now have something called pet system, some have marriage system. but then again, maybe it's just me being too lazy to do leveling since there are so much bots and cheaters lurking around.

Gamers these days. pah..

PS : not quite the entry you would expect when you read the title eh? ^_^ luv ya hun <3 *mwah*

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