Monday, April 09, 2007

Looooong Weekend

Yup, what a long weekend it turned out to be. well not really that long since it's only a day more than the other weekends. hmm, let's see. for start, at Fri I just stay at home playing games and having a nice rest. but then my bro starts talking about how he wanted to make a suit for his friend's weeding this Sat. so off I go with him and my mom to Ciputra Mall, or should I say CL. there we went to M.J. Textile and there we ordered 2 suit, which I chose the black color while my bro picked the greyish black one. the clerk there said that it can be done by this Sat and it only cost 400k. cheap? on the average? not really sure but at least now I own a suit. ^^ pretty neat eh? at least I got something to wear at Ricky's wedding party later.

After that, I went to Citra 21 to buy a couple of tickets for the TMNT movie. yeah, the turtles are back in actions. this time they are fully animated in smooth 3D. for me, it's like childhood times all over again, the excitement in seeing them fighting, the fearless Leonardo, smart Donatello, anti-hero Raphael, and the clown Michaelangelo. Shredder is not around though but that doesn't mean there aren't any mean enemies. okay enough for the movie, i don't want to end up spoiling things. after the movie, it's go home, take a bath and play games while talking on the phone. with who? none other than my one and only hunny ^^ *mwah*

At Sat, I woke up at 12 and ate lunch after a short bath. and after that it's the usual Saturday routine where I talked to her at phone and went to Medit with Jun for basketball session. played until it's dark (around 7 that is) then went home just to found out that the water from PAM is so dang dirty, I skipped bath that night. can you imagine? skipping bath even after I played basket. boy I felt so dirty and itchy but what can I do? finally after a short talk with my hunny, I cooled myself at my mom's room. going to bed at 1 after watching American Idol.

Sunday. hmm, woke up with sores almost everywhere. I went to office to finish up some works I forgot. and after that went to CL again at noon. ate at McD and then going around window-shopping. my sis joined me for a while and after that she went elsewhere with her bf. so at 3 I wanted to go home but it's raining real hard. so I got no choice but to wait until the rain stopped, and finally at 5 I was able to go home. took a few detours since there are some areas flooding because of the rain. got home at 6, took a bath, and talked to her until it's time to dinner. and then talked to her again until sleepiness came. it's nite nite and sweet dreams time.

Monday morning came (and with it, a lot more sores *ouch*). woke up, took a bath, breakfast, and then off to office. talked to her all the way since she slept early last night and as the result, woke up early this morning. arriving at office before 8 and now it's working time. later then.

PS : told you it's a long one, right? oh, i didn't? well, now you know ^^

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