Saturday, December 03, 2005

Stupid PLN..

Stranded here at CL doing nothing and i still have to wait for another hour before going to basket at Mediteranian Apt. with the IC guys.. this morning, or should i say this noon (I woke up at 11.00 actually XD) suddenly my room is so hot, i woke up sweating.. then i realized, the fans are not working and the environment are sooo quiet.. there are no electricity.. great, of all the day and time they gotta choose saturday..

So after i woke up, i took my bath and then went to lunch with my brother.. soon after that i went straight to CL.. at least they got light here.. i went online but found no one to chat with.. luckily there are Flo and Yon.. i chatted for a bit and well, checked on IC.. well, boring day actually.. i was hoping i could play AOE III this morning.. and of course accompanying her..

That's all for today.. still exactly half an hour to basket time so i'll excuse myself now.. besides, the internet rate here is duper expensive, 8k/hour?? i can get 4 hours with that kind of money somewhere else.. but under these kind of circumstances well.. okay enough babbling.. got to go y'all.. *still watching the rate counter rising with horror*

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