Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Nearing End of Year

So.. just watched the tv last night and i saw the tsunami incident that happened last year.. amazing isn't it that a year flew by so quickly and by the time you realized it, it's New Year once again.. damn that sure is fast.. and i'm still not sure at what i've achieved this year.. but looking at my wish list made me realized i still got a long way ahead.. the question is : How long will i stay like this?

Today i finished my job as a part-time SPB (Sales Promotion Boy in case you don't know) at HP workshop at TA.. mostly i just played the game at the displayed computers, and do nothing.. well, actually i should have been working on my job.. you know, the writing projects.. out of 7 modules, i haven't finished any yet.. i really really should be doing those instead of messing around..

Now, having a sore throat is kinda annoying, since it made me coughing all the time but considering after all those screaming and stuff at the karaoke that night, i should be grateful for still having my voice though.. remind me not to force myself too much next time.. *wink*

This month my phone bill almost reached Rp. 300.000 ,- and it's like so way different from last month being only Rp. 35.000,- hmm.. suspicious? ridiculous? whatever.. at least when you sum it up together, i still have the average of almost Rp. 200.000 ,- / month.. quite reasonable, don't you think?

OK then, i'm done talking *eeq sapi* here so it's time to wrap it up and go home.. i'll write more when i got the time and of course stuff to write.. *wink*

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