Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Save The Earth!!

Yesterday at 22nd April 2008 the whole world celebrated the Earth Day 2008. Me? I celebrated my hunny's birthday. Too bad she's sick so we didn't have the chance to meet each other. Luckily I already gave her her birthday present, so at least she won't have to be sick and curious at the same time.

The present is supposedly a bus-cafe which consists of 5 different small section. You'll have to assemble each section from small sticks and parts so they became the cashier part, tables and chairs, etc. After that, you can combine each section to another by using the available joints and voila, a bus-cafe with waitresses and small cute creatures. I'll upload the pics when I get those from her.

Anyway, lately I've been busy with the Batlarm projects and Disitu occasionally. For those that are curious on what I've doing lately, here's a little sneak preview.

Batlarm Blog

So that's all for now. As I'm quite busy, I leave you all with a link to the gamedevid forum where there are some other screenshots as well. Bye for now and have a nice day.

L.N. : Get well soon hun. Can't wait to hug you. *mwah*

P.S. : He? What do you mean the title is not relevant?

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