Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fiji, The Fine Getaway

Ah, Fiji. An exotic place with lots of resorts and nice beaches. Don't get confused with Fuji though which is a mountain in Japan. This Fiji is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean with lots of small islands. Check this out, 302 islands (with 106 of them inhabited) and 522 islets. And lots of islands means lots of beaches and lots of fun waiting there.

But then you think that with those islands, this here Fiji won't provide any decent resorts or nice hotels? Well think again, because there ARE a lot of five stars hotels in Fiji and one of them is Sheraton Fiji Resort Denarau Island.

Looking at those pictures, you'll definitely want to stay there for at least a week or so. Well, that's what I thought at first glance. Those are what you will get with $299.00 per night rate.

Well, you can get rooms with lower rates. I was surfing on the internet a couple days ago and found a nice website, Cheaperthanhotels, that can help you get rooms with low rates on nice resorts all around Fiji.

Take the Broadbeach Gold Coast Hotels and Accomodation for instance. You can find hotels with best accomodation such as Conrad Jupiters Hotel & Casino Gold Coast with $179 per night rate.

Or would you rather prefer to pick a three-star accomodation at the Hi Ho Beach Apartments Gold Coast with a $77 per night rate?

Anyway, whatever your choices are, just remember that Cheaperthanhotels can help you with last minutes access to hotel deals and even pre-booked discounts online. Nice isn't it?

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