Thursday, April 03, 2008

Busy or Lazy?

Just took a short glance at my blog, and man, it's so out dated. Can't believe I missed posting entries here since the 12th of March. All those works and projects and games and relations things sure set me busy for a while, eh? Well, not to mention lazy maybe? Oh well, you guys decide.

Moving along, lately I've done so much, maybe too much, I forgotten most of them. Let's see. The SMS project is still going on, the Word Search is already on the market, although sometimes there are complains and helps required, and maybe helping out others with their projects such as Cin with the e-mazine (read: imagine) stuff and Tanjung with the Bursa, both at Disitu.

But nonetheless, maintaining Disitu is less tiring for the moment, as my concern is only fixing those hot news and featured news, and maybe sometimes moderating the news by the new authors. I also still need to finish the game for that RPG Challenge by GDI forum. Luckily they extend the deadline to the end of this April (previously at 12th April).

And of course, the most important thing, my hunny. We met two days ago, celebrating our monthlyversary. We went to T.A., almost starved to death because of those wicked traffic jams. Hated those real bad. Anyway, after we finally arrived at T.A., we went straight to Eaton for some Yang Chow fried rice and Hong Kong style Wonton noodles. After that I bought a small cake for our dessert and celebration. After that, we went to Hero to buy some apples, bread and peanut butter (creamy, although i prefer chunky better). After that, we went straight home.

Well, that's all for the moment I guess. Still a lot to do so I'll leave you all for now. Be seeing you at the next entry which I hope won't be long from now. Adios.

L.N. : Miss my entries hun? Enjoy then. *mwah*

P.S. : Hi again guys. :D

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