Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Small Time Update

Hey y'all. So sorry for not posting any entry lately since I got too much at hand. News at, my own project on RPG Challenge, and of course my precious time for my family especially my sweet hunny. But finally I found a small free time and so here goes.

For today I'll just post some pictures I promised earlier, which is my valentine gift for my hunny back then. It's just a simple desk cradle toy, something like the Newton Ball toy but it got two babies sitting on bicycle wheels. Well if you don't know what I'm talking about, just look at the pics below.

The gift box with a small card in the small envelope

The card with lots of words and secrets.

The cradle I mentioned.

So there you go. As for my daily life, nothing much except writing news, doing my own project and spending time with her. That's all and I'm afraid it's timet to go so check you all out later. Adios for now.

L.N. : Always be with you hun. Hope you get well soon. *mwah* Miss you.

P.S. : Keep up your health y'all. Still the sick season for now I'm afraid.

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