Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Nice Weekend

Last weekend was nice. We went to CitraLand for some buffet treat at The Buffet. Since there's this HSBC promo, we enjoyed a 50% discount on the meals there. We had roasted duck, dimsums, pizzas, crepes, ice creams, and many more. Delighted (and full) with the meal, we later went to Mangga Dua Square to try playing online games at Ayola.

There we played RF for an hour, and then we looked around, bought some DVDs, and went to Saga Hobby and I bought an NDS pouch for her. It got the 1-up green mushroom from the Mario Bros series, but she insisted on wanting the red mushroom because she liked red better. Finally I was able to convince her to accept the green, exclusive, rare one. I myself bought a Ryuubi (Liu Bei) SD Gundam. Quite nice but not very satisfying in the end though.

The super ultra rare exclusive 1-up green mushroom

After that we went home and have a good rest.

Sunday we went to Budhi's farewell party since he's going to Singaporeto work there. There we ate and sing until 10 o'clock, and after that we went home. Monday, I'm not feeling well *again* and had to stay at home all day. Tried to go to net cafe to write some news for Disitu but finally I ended up playing games for a while and then went home to sleep.

Today, as usual, lots of work and not enough time to spare for my project. I tried to post some questions at GDI and still waiting for more replies. Oh well, life's good for the moment, so I'll leave you all for now. Bye and see y'all later.

L.N. : Missing you here more than usual *krauk*

P.S. : Have a nice day y'all

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