Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Late Summary

Woke up early today and not knowing what to do, so heck, why not write blog? Well too much to tell makes me don't know where to start. Hmm, let's track back to last Thursday, when it's Valentine's day. Since it's working day, I can only met her at evening. We went to Megamall and dine at Fuji restaurant and sushi bar. The place is kinda cozy and quiet, being only visited by couples (hey, it's Val's day remember?) and the menu's quite standard and not too expensive. We ordered a bunch of food, which consists of rolls, katsu, ice cream, and of course ocha.

The food after the long dinner.

Like I said, mostly couples.

After the food, we went around for a while, and then after it's time to go home, we went to Carrefour and she bought me a valentine's gift. Ahw, so sweet. Curious at what she gave me?

Care to take a look inside?

A soap to brighten my skin. And it came with the soap holder. Kewl *wink*

And there you go. She bought me a couple of those so I can use them at home and office. After that we went home and sleep soundly. As for my gift, I'm still waiting for the pictures from her, so I'll upload it when I got it.

After that, the weekend just consists of us playing Rising Force Online. She's currently into RF so I thought, might as well accompany her since she said she's kinda lonely and bored playing it alone. "It's like playing offline and it's damn boring," she said. And since she already reached level 33 and I'm just level 20, I'll just have to work extra to get there A.S.A.P. She picked spiritualist and eventually became summoner so I choose warrior so I can tank her in the future. Hopefully I can made it though.

Well, that's that. For the work, it's kinda hectic with Marthin leaving us (how could you...) so now Disitu needs a lot more writer, full time is even better. Any of you guys interested? If yes, don't hesitate to tell me. Anyway, the sun's bright now and I need to get back to work, so I'll leave you all for now and hopefully I can get back here sooner than I hoped. Ciao.

L.N. : Sorry for the late post hun *mwah* love you *krauk*

P.S. : Keep the spirits high y'all, and keep bringing umbrellas. Raining seasons are sometimes pain in the arse, yeah?

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