Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Wow.. Almost two weeks of absence. Maybe I really should spend some time here instead of working too much. But what can I say, busy seems to be my middle name lately. Let's see, I helped Tanjung on his project and almost completely abandoned Disitu. Well, I still wrote stuffs there but there are almost no enhancement or whatsoever there. I can only relaxed a bit after Tanjung and Ricky did the presentation.

Although there are still some minor errors (or maybe some majors here and there), lately I'm back at Disitu. I made some enhancement there like the hit counter for the Friends links and just now I finished a new component for Disitu. What it is, I can't tell you guys yet but hopefully it can be launched soon.

Oh, and did I mentioned about Heavy Knight's website? It's launched even though it's still under construction, but if any of you wishes to see it, you are welcome to visit it at Heavy Knight and maybe dropped a few comments.

And for the last part, I got this picture from my hunny. It was taken just a few days ago.

The one at the left is filled with origami birds I made for her. The other one is filled with origami butterflies she made for me. It took me almost a month to finish those birds, while it only took her about two or three days to finish those butterflies. Hmm, I wonder why?

Anyway, we went to Frendy and Jojo's wedding last Sunday evening. Charles took a picture of us and we really like it. Too bad I haven't got the picture yet, but I'll post it here as soon as I got it from Charles.

So, as the title said, busy busy busy, so I'm forced to leave you all early and back to work for the while. Hopefully the next entry won't be this long. And so with this I say to you, adios. Take care and smile all the time.

L.N. : *mwah* *mwah*

P.S. : *wink* *wink*

*Lazy mode on*

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