Monday, August 13, 2007

New CDMA Phone

Been quite in the mood of spending money lately, haven't we? Hm, dunno why and dunno how, suddenly the thought of changing my CDMA phone just popped up inside my mind. Since my hunny really wanted to change her phone too because of loose battery cover and lousy handsfree, we went to OkeShop at TA last Saturday. After we found out that they are receiving older cellphones in exchange for a new one, we asked around and then came up with an idea of changing our cellphone together.

So there you go, when I got home and talked about it with my bro, he said that instead of selling my old CDMA phone for only 150k, it's better to give it to my mom. I thought to myself hey, not a bad idea. So I decided I'm only buying a new one instead of selling and buying. And yesterday at Sunday we went back to OkeShop and we bought ourselves a new CDMA phone each.

Well, being the narcissists we are, we decided to take a shot of our brand new phones. On the left is her new Nokia 2505 and on the right is of course my new Nokia 1265. Bad lighting spells bad picture result. And the rest after that is the usual Sunday getaway starring me and her. Bye for now. Still got quite a lot to do.

L.N. : Need I say more? *muachks* :">

P.S. : Maybe I shouldn't say more >__<

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