Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fresh Start

Right.. my third year in writing blog. hope this will continue on til long time. sorry i don't really have anything to write and not to mention no time to write it too. all i can say now is that although the year just started 2 days ago, there are already loads of tons of works waiting and nothing to do about it but keep moving onward.

Since the earthquake incident at Taiwan which made the internet connection going hay-wire, i almost never touched internet. luckily now it's more or less better now. so allow me in this opportunity to say "Merry Neo Year 2007" to all you guys out there. sorry it's abit late but surely it's never late to for something like that eh?

Well, since i've said what i should've said, and time is ticking btw, then i shall take my leave now. be seeing you at the next post and keep that smile on your face coz let's face it, everyone looks the best when they smile right? and if you can keep that smile on your face all the time, then you'll be at your best all the time. well, at least that's what I think.

Adios everyone. may this year be better than the previous ones. ciao.

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