Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I Swear

by the moon and the stars in the sky.. i'll be there, for you.. this five words i promise you..

uda ah.. jayuz.. haiz.. these few days, dunno why.. i just can't stop feeling so good.. although i got sick at sunday, it didn't stop me from working at monday and finishing alot of stuffs.. yep, CodeName : Messy Room is now around 93.4% completed and all it needed are some scenarios and an interactive help scenes.. can't wait to get myself on a new project..

And lately i thought about my own emotions.. about why i let my emotions controlled me and not the other way.. about how i would ended up just like him if i stay like this.. and so with this i made a promise to myself.. that i will try harder to become a better man.. a man that can control his own emotions.. smile more and be gentle to ladies.. a man that can keep his promise no matter what happened.. yep, that's my new year's pledge..

wait a minute...

new year is still 3 months more..

oh well, guess i can still be me for some more time, eh? *wink wink*

1 comment:

Yenty / lolyPoP_b3b3 said...

ga tau mo nulis apa hehe....
ehm...iya nich ntr lagi dah mo Imlek...Ko ada ke Medan kagak? klo ada jgn lupa ngasi kabar yo...=)

oh yah w suka musik piano yg ngiringin blog ini dr pertama w buka....*wink wink* huahaha=)

oke dech...keep post n post n post again...walo ga ada komen [b]pasti[/b] ada yg baca\(^.^)/

Gud Luck..