Sunday, August 14, 2005


It started this morning where i woke up with a stiff body and lack of sleep. i was supposed to go to mangga dua with ricky and cin so i woke up early and went to office first. upon arrival, i played WE 8's Master League and after that i played Basara. suddenly it's already half past two and still neither cin nor ricky arrived at office. turned out that cin still had those sore feet so he didn't go to mangga dua, and ricky thought i was with cin so he went there without me.

What can i say.. it's nobody's fault so i ended up playing Basara and chatted via msn with a couple of friends until about five in the afternoon where ricky stopped by at the office. since both of us are going to TA so i tag along with him. at TA we met cin and eventually Mr. Thunder and family. finally we split at Samudra Suki because they are having dinner together and i was supposed to meet with henny, irwan and the others at six.

As for the rest of the story, i was too damn lazy to continue.. all i can say is that today is a black day and i definitely didn't enjoy it much..

I hate it. i hate it when i got angry. why must i keep silence and made a frown in my face, ignoring people around me and ruining the atmosphere. why can't i just forget about it and keep a smile in my face. why? well i'll tell you why.. coz it's in the blood. it's damn in the blood.

I hate myself..

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