Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Weekend

As always, been a long time since the last entry. Let's see. Went to JPCC yesterday since we're late last week. After that we went to Plaza Indonesia for lunch. There we went to Office 2000 and my hunny took an interest for a 2GB Imation Flash Drive which only cost about 250k. But since I thought it's in PI and maybe it'll be more expensive so I said I'm going to check it on the net. After that I said I wanted to go to the toilet and she agreed. But when we entered, guess what, I ran to Hana florist shop and bought two pink roses for her. I wanted to give her a surprise and luckily i did. She's very happy about it and she smiled all day. Truly a worthy sight.

After that we went to California Pizza Kitchen and there we ordered a Peking Duck Pizza. After the meal and bill which cost about 100k and we're not even full. So later on we went to the food court and we ordered Sate Padang. I myself ordered a Kolak Pisang and after we're full, we went back to Office 2000 because my hunny really wanted to buy that Imation stuff. But it turned out that in the end I'm the one that bought a Sennheiser earphone. Too bad it only 1 m in length.

So what to do about it? We later on walk around PI and EX to find an extension cable so I can plug that Sennheiser to my computer at office. After a few stores and look around, we finally managed to found one at Beatz. After that we went home and that's that.

By the way, here's the flowers I got for her.

And since that's all for today, I'm saying bye for now. Gotta get back to work now. Later y'all.

L.N. : Your smile sure is worth the trouble hun. *mwah* love ya.

P.S. : I'm hungry guys XD

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