Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Nice Dream

Last nite i dreamt of my long lost friends.. seems like i was taken back to the time when i'm still at the 4th grade of elementary school coz all of my friends had those young n cute faces..

I met almost all my schoolmates, most i forgot their names, but still it's a nice memory.. the fun we had when we were young and not a care in the world.. playing all day and not realizing that one day we'll be separated..

Maybe it's because i had the same friends from playground to senior high school that made me kinda unable to handle the situation where all of the sudden my 60-70 school friends were separated and changed into 70-100 more college friends which came from everywhere around indonesia..

That dream made me realize, nothing last forever in this world.. friends, jobs, relations.. nothing except memories that we choose to keep to ourselves..

Haih.. how i miss those rascals back there at medan..

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Anonymous said...

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