Saturday, January 08, 2005

First Busy Week


Finally the first tiring week passed.. a day seems like a month!! well, actually it only seems like two days though.. everyday it's work work work.. lunch and work work work.. dinner (mostly late) and work work play.. well, my team still managed to find some time to free our stressful minds with some heavy damaging action first person shooting game, known as Counter-Strike..

Although not the latest version of Counter-Strike (Condition Zero) the game can still make us have fun for at least an hour or so.. mostly there will be 2 team fighting against each other and everyone enjoy playing it..

After a week of struggle, hard work and pain (nevermind the last one) i finally finished most of my job.. leaving me with some issues which i must finish before 12th of january.. wonder if i can finish it or not..

Another busy week is ahead.. may God have mercy on us..

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